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Holy Loch, Scotland

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Last Holy Loch, Scotland Reunion was on
11 May 2011 in Virginia Beach, VA

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New Members Only 1982 Video of Site One Added

(Added: 30 May 2012)

Shipmate Frank L. Gosselin has made available a video he made in 1982 that is a 360 degree pan of the entire Site. There is a Tug in the Dock and there are Dry Dock spare pontoons alongside. Don't know if the pontoons are being...   To read the full news story go here:


Here we provide information regarding upcoming, recent and past reunions related to Holy Loch, Scotland for anyone who has ever served at the U.S. Navy Submarine Base or Naval Support Activity, in Holy Loch, Scotland either as a military member (including Sub Crews, Dew Line Patrol, WWII, etc.), dependant, and civilian. Local residents are also encouraged to participate in this web site. As more information is collected it will be posted here for your information. Additionally, this site is for the above to be able to locate and reconnect with former friends. Please use this site and enjoy it.

Ray Plumlee


Last Reunion Held In Virginia Beach, VA 12-15 May 2011

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Latest News Of Scotland

BBC Scotland



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Holy Loch Picture

Description: AK DOCKED

Contributed By: Jeffery Ghezzi

Uploaded: 03 February 2013


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USS Holland AS-32



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Corey Smith
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USS Holland AS-32



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Signup Date: 16 Mar 2014

USS Hunley AS-31,USS Holland AS-32



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USS Proteus AS-19,USS Hunley AS-31



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Robert E. Anderson John Touhil


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Donald Harbison, John Rogers,


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Last Holy Loch, Scotland Related Video Added

Most Popular Pubs Around Holy Loch, Scotland

Top 10 Most Popular Scottish Pubs
The Last Pub Added was: WILLAIMS HOTEL BUB in Dunoon 1977-83

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1.  Harmony Hotel Lounge, The (Dunoon) 4190
  23 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
2.  Holy Loch Inn, The (Sandbank) 1782
  3 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
3.  Clansman Bar, The (Dunoon) 1611
  3 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
4.  Courtneys (Dunoon) 1560
  3 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
5.  MacClure's Bar (Dunoon) 1518
  No Comments.   Add One Here:
6.  Sundowner, The (Dunoon) 1502
  2 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
7.  Sinbad's (Dunoon) 1328
  1 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
8.  Dimarcos (Dunoon) 1057
  No Comments.   Add One Here:
9.  Rabbie Burns Tavern, The (Rothesay) 825
  No Comments.   Add One Here:
10.  PJ's (Dunoon) 639
  13 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:

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Holy Loch, Scotland Picture Of The Day for Thursday, 24 April 2014

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